A-Level Retakes

The college offers a very wide range of A-levels over a one year period as well as the traditional two year route.

Many students joining us on these courses may be repeating modules or full A-levels in particular subjects to boost grades. In addition the college caters for those who may have completed A-levels but are now looking to switch emphasis towards careers such as Medicine and Dentistry. In this category the college also welcomes graduates who may be coming back to A-level study as a means for a career change. Because of the intensive nature of these courses the emphasis is always on high academic achievement and the workload required will reflect this.

All of the material from As and A2 level will be covered over the year and these courses are not designed as simple revision programmes we teach all material from the beginning. This is key to our success and most students on these courses will have very high academic aspirations, with many targeting the most demanding disciplines at any university in London. Our staff have great experience at dealing with the additional demands these courses place on students and will work in collaboration to ensure success. On a one year A-level we expect you will:

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